Quality Control

Quality Assurance


The team at “AL-RAHIM” is proud of the quality products we produce; our produce is second to none.

We understand our end customers are responsible for feeding their families, which inspires us to strive to provide the highest quality product every time. We operate a Meat Safety Quality Assurance Program, which incorporates the international standard HACCP principles for the production of wholesome products for local and international markets.

Ongoing and intensive training with staff at all levels of the production process ensures we maintain the highest standards at all times.

Livestock Handling and Product Traceability

The health and welfare of animals processed at “Al-Rahim” is of primary importance at all stages of livestock handling. Maintaining good husbandry practices and strict quarantine protocols are promoted to ensure the considerate treatment of animals and the maintenance of disease-free stock for processing.

Food Safety & HACCP

At “AL-RAHIM”, food safety is a top priority. Our Approved Arrangement is deeply rooted by a comprehensive Quality Assurance program applied comprehensively throughout the entire processing stages at the establishment. From receiving livestock right through to packing, dispatch and shipping, you can be assured that the product has met the most comprehensive of food safety requirements.

Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) is a process used for the identification, evaluation and control of food safety hazards. Our HACCP program is underpinned by a set of comprehensive sanitation standard operating procedures. Our Company operates a comprehensive HACCP program which, in combination with good hygienic practices and a structured education program for food handlers, is pivotal in ensuring that we meet the highest standards of food safety.