Livestock Farming

“AL-RAHIM” sources livestock from our own animal fattening farms located in the lush green agricultural region of Sindh Province to ensure the supply of the world’s tastiest, juiciest and most tender range of beef, mutton and lamb.

“You will fall in love from the first bite.”


“AL-RAHIM” has set up a state of the art abattoir and processing facility with the latest technology in the city of Karachi, Pakistan which is the busiest transportation hub by air and by sea in Pakistan to ensure that our customers are offered continuous supply of chilled and frozen Halal meat.

The abattoir has 2 different processing lines with the capacity to slaughter and process 200 heads of cattle/buffalo and 1000 heads of goat/lamb per 8 hours shift.

Training Co.

At “AL-RAHIM” we are in the process of setting up a state of the art abattoir training institute offering internationally recognized certification in the meat industry to train and equip our local butchers in accordance to international standards.

The courses offered will be announced soon.